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The last Giant Deer


There’s been recurring themes in much of the research we’ve undertaken while finding new Twilight Beasts for this blog. Overkill, as discussed by Ross in his harrowing blog on the Steller Sea Cow is one of them; environmental changes caused by agricultural expansion is another. A peculiar theme which I’ve noted is the perpetuation of creatures within folklore, as distorted memories. This was evident in the indigenous legends involving Castoroides ohioensis, and pretty likely with the ghoulish modern urban myth of the Mothman being a continuance of the memory of Ornimegalonyx.

I know a little of what the twilight world of dreams and myths are like, for as a child growing up at the height of the euphemistically named ‘Troubles’ in Belfast, my imagination was populated by entities who inhabited my personal refugia, the Ulster Museum. Egyptian mummies and Megaloceros skeletons were not frightening; instead they were…

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