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Seeking redemption


Extinction, they say, is forever. There’s the distressing aspect of poaching and trophy hunting (can you tell the difference any more? No, me neither) as highlighted by the senseless, savage deaths of rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers and many more creatures.  The one good thing about the senseless death of Oxford University’s behavioural study lion, Cecil, is that people are engaging in debate on conservation, environment and how to stop wanton slaughter. These animals are often already endangered because of their environments being either destroyed by human commercial activities or by the effects of climate change. The principle of ‘big game hunting’, to satisfy some sickness within the human ego by killing large animals you won’t ever eat, is bad enough – to kill rare creatures for pseudo-medicine is even worse.

These are the visible indications of pending extinction. They are preventable.  You, gentle reader, are part of the solution, as…

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