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River corridors across the Sahara during the last interglacial?

6,000 Generations

The last prolonged interglacial, the Eemian,  was between 130,000 and about 110,000 years ago. It is during this period that some humans moved Out of Africa and into Arabia. Temperatures during the Eemian gave a global average temperature around 20 – 25 °C (about 5 – 10 °C higher than today) with sea levels perhaps one metre higher than today.

Ice Ages and Interglacials

Around 100,000 years ago  when the glacials were coming back and sea levels were down sharply, may well have been the time of the first wave of the big expansion of AMH out of Africa to Arabia and further East. This was later followed – probably – by a post-Toba expansion from Africarabia. But during the interglacial the Sahara was a desert and would have posed a barrier for movement into the North of Africa and especially the North East. How then did humans get from Southern and Central Africa…

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