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„Natural“ selection and genetic changes in Europe in the last 5,000 years

6,000 Generations

In today’s world skin, hair and eye colour are often the basis of „racial“ differentiation and then of much of the racism that exists. The population of Europe is a genetic mix of migrations and genetic evolution and while migratory effects may have been dominant in the ancient past and again in modern times, the genetic evolution by selection during the last 5,000 years – when large scale migrations have been less prevalent –  is quite considerable.

Ancient DNA analysis is now providing a treasure trove of direct evidence for genetic changes over thousands of years. 5,000 years ago is about 250 generations ago and that is apparently a sufficient number of generations for the genetic effects of „natural“ selection to show up.

But over this time scale the selection was probably more due to sexual selection consequent to the attractiveness and selection of partners and kin-groups rather than for…

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