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Beringia was inhabited for 500 generations

6,000 Generations

The now submerged land bridge (Beringia) between Asia and North America was not just a little strip of land across which the ancestors of native Americans quickly moved across. It was not just a rest stop for the journey to America. The „bridge“ was a vast area of land and itself served as a fairly permanent habitat and refuge for ancient humans for around 10,000 years (500 generations) from 25,000 to 15,000 years ago. Beringia extended some 1,600 km from north to south and almost 5,000 km east to west from Siberia’s Verkoyansk Range to the Mackenzie River in Canada. It could well have been the increasing sea levels as the world came out of a glacial period into the current inter-glacial and a shrinking Beringia which led to the migrations from Beringia into North America.

J. F. Hoffecker, S. A. Elias, D. H. O’Rourke. Out of Beringia? Science

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