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Words as old as bronze

Kate Shrewsday

The dust of an old civilisation is a source of endless stories.

Some real, most imagined. It all depends on what they leave behind for you to find.

HG Wells opened up this Pandora’s Box in his classic Time MachineHe builds a beautiful late Victorian vehicle tailor-made for the fourth dimension, and like all the other wonders of that age, it works and changes his life utterly and irrevocably. He travels thousands of years into the future to discover that life has altered rather horrifyingly, with half of us being farmed as meat for the other half. The machine’s inventor flees the predators, stumbling by chance on a museum from the distant past – perhaps South Kensington itself.

Hollywood got hold of the book, and in 1960 made a film which elaborated on the Museum idea. What if the lost civilisations had left discs behind which were…

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