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The Neolithic Advance and the Success of Genetic Y-DNA Marker R1b

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When in 2008 I first got the idea that the male genes most commonly assocated with „violent Indo-European migrations“ were in fact most of all distributed by peaceful genetic principes and the mechanism of a mutational wave front, my requests to the scientific community to work this out in a comprehensive mathematical model that included all relevant subclades of haplogroup R, was received with haughty snubbing. This year there is an explosion of publications centered around this theme, and a link between the genetic subclade R1b and the Neolithic wave of advance is now accepted as the majority position. Even more promising: also the limits of this approach are now being discussed, resulting in the first outlines of contrary movements west to east that formerly were considered outrageous and a heresy against the dogma of „ex oriente lux“.

Of all paternal lineages that have been identified in Europe by studying…

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